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Learn Kentico CMS is a video based subscription learning system designed for web professionals, like you, by web professionals who have already been there. We know the pain of trying to resolve an issue in the wee morning hours the day before a project deadline. But you shouldn’t have to suffer the same fate when there is tribal knowledge to be shared. Learn Kentico CMS is the practical learning alternative for the busy working professional who wants to overcome real world web presence challenges at their own pace.


Like most of us, you probably value a helping hand when you need it most – that moment when you have exhausted all your personal experience and innovation and just need the software to work so you can move on. So we set out to capture on video our challenges and successes in producing web sites using the Kentico CMS for ASP.NET framework.


Why did we choose a video subscription format for delivering our transferable experience? Because, as a web professional, you probably learn best by dissecting and re-engineering a web site from a working example. And not just some abstract snippet from a book, but a visual, functional step by step example from a fellow web professional. An example that is available on demand, 24/7, when you need it. An example that you can pause, rewind and replay as many times as you need to. And from experts who are accessible for one-on-one learning and community collaborations.


So who are we? We are just like you – a community of web developers, content managers, copy editors, web designers, online marketers and network technicians that don’t subscribe to the concept of knowledge boundaries as a competitive advantage. We are self-taught problem solvers who understand the possibilities of software on the web. We are your brothers and sisters who desire to see you become masters of your own domain.
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