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For the best video learning experience, you will need a minimum screen resolution of 1024x768 and the following software configuration on your computer:
  • Internet Explorer 7.0 or above, Firefox 3.0 or above, or Safari 4.0 or above
  • Adobe Flash Player browser plugin version 10.0 or above
  • Enable cookies and java scripts in the web browser
  • Sound card with audio output to speakers or headphones
  • Microsoft Windows XP SP2 or above, Macintosh OS X or Linux
  • Add to your list of trusted sites in any security software utilized


Q: Who can sign up for a subscription?
A: Anyone over the age 18 who can legally enter into a binding agreement for paid services and has the ability to render payment via Amazon Simple Pay. Subscriptions are most appealing to content managers, editors, developers, programmers, graphic designers, architects, marketers, business owners, consultants, search engine optimizers, project managers, community leaders, forum moderators, webmasters, administrators and any one who desires to master Kentico CMS for ASP.NET.
Q: Is this a substitute for Kentico Certified Training?
A: No. The Kentico Certified Training courses, in a classroom or virtual classroom setting, serve as an important foundation towards learning Kentico CMS. The Learn Kentico CMS on demand video based subscription learning system builds upon that foundation. It is highly recommended that you start your formal training on Kentico CMS with the Content Administrator and/or Certified Developer training courses.
Q: How often do you publish new videos?
A: At a minimum we plan to release 10 new videos per month, but that number will most likely increase as our community membership grows and the Kentico CMS product continues to evolve as that will inspire new topics of interest.
Q: What does the Video of the Month Club provide?
A: As the name implies, each month we will select one of our Learn Kentico CMS videos to highlight and make available to all members, free of charge.
Q: What is the Personal Kentico CMS Sandbox?
A: It is a hosted copy of Kentico CMS free version specific to your membership account. The perfect place for you to test out your newly acquired skills. It requires no download, no installation and no configuration.
Q: Are there limitations on what I can do with the Personal Kentico CMS Sandbox?
A: The free version of Kentico CMS 6 comes with some feature limitations which you can review here. You can also read our Terms of Service for additional sandbox usage considerations.
Q: What payment methods do you accept?
A: We accept all forms of payment available through Amazon Simple Pay including, but not limited to, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover credit cards and bank debit accounts. For a complete listing of available payment types visit Amazon Simple Pay.
Q: Why do you only accept payment through Amazon Simple Pay?
A: Almost everyone has purchased something from Amazon at one point in time and this allows users to leverage their existing Amazon accounts to make purchases from Learn Kentico CMS. Amazon is an internationally recognized and trusted online retailer giving our customers peace of mind when it comes to their privacy and the protection of their financial data. 
Q: Why don't you offer a monthly payment plan?
A:  First, we don't believe anyone will garner sufficient value from our services without a longer term commitment to learning. Second, it saves us on the credit card processing fees and allows us to keep our prices amicable. 
Q: What if I want to upgrade my subscription plan?
A:  You can upgrade to a higher plan at any time by simply purchasing the higher plan of your liking on the Subscription page within the My Account section. Once the purchase is complete, you can cancel the previous plan on the Subscription page within the My Account section. We will then issue a credit, pro-rated on a monthly basis, for any unused full months that remain on the previous subscription plan.
Q: What if I want to cancel my subscription?
A:  You can cancel your subscription at any time by selecting the Cancel Subscription button on the Subscription page within the My Account section. This will prevent any further charges to your payment method. No refunds or credits will be issued for any unused portion of a subscription, but we hope you will give us the full year to show you the value of Learn Kentico CMS.
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